Calendar Invitation Notifications

You can choose whether or not to receive an email notification whenever someone accepts or declines an invitation from your Calendar.

  1. When event responses for your Google calendar are set to email, you will receive an email regarding their response.
    Example of Calendar Event Notifications in an inbox
  2. You can turn event notifications for calendar events on or off by clicking the Google Calendar App.
    Click the Google Calendar App
  3. From My Calendars, click Options.
    Click Options for your calendar
  4. Click Settings and Sharing.
    Click Settings and sharing from Options
  5. From Settings for my calendars, click General notifications.
    Select the General Notifications option
  6. You can select Email or None.  If you do not wish to receive an email whenever someone accepts or declines a calendar invitation in your email in-box, change the notification from Email to None.
    Select the Calendar Notification from email to none and vice versa