Using ELMS Group Pages for Wiki Projects

Wikis (websites that facilitate collaborative content contributions and editing) are a great tool for supporting student group work and creativity. Pages in ELMS-Canvas group spaces can provide a protected and intuitive infrastructure for building wiki content to support digital storytelling, research or other digital publication projects.

If you have never set up Groups in your ELMS course space before, see one of the following documents, depending on what level of control you wish to have over group membership.

Students can click on the Groups tab made visible via the People tool and click on the Visit link associated with the group in which they are a member. They can use the same tools for developing Page content as are used by faculty in any ELMS-Canvas course. It is important to note, however, that students do not have the ability to make a group home page the starting point of the group environment experience.  The homepage for a Group is always the Recent Activities page. Once students have created at least one page within the Pages environment, they can then identify a specific page as the Front Page of the group space by clicking the 3 dots next to the Page title and selecting Set as Front Page.

Front Page label on ELMS Pages tab

Students additionally have access to ELMS-Canvas Design Tools to create and style wiki content with pre-built course themes and templates. The developed content is visible only to group members and course instructors and TAs. The wiki is not publicly viewable or accessible outside of the ELMS course space.

The DIT LTS team can provide support on strategizing wiki assignments. Email at for assistance.