Asset Management

The manual non-capital asset audit that previously occurred once a year will now occur 3 times a year for laptops, desktops and tablets; it will occur yearly for cell phones, audio visual equipment and shared resources. Notifications will be sent out to the Assigned To party requesting that they confirm the details of their assets. Tickets will be created for any disputed assets, encouraging users to record information that needs updating.

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Access Levels

  1. Basic

    Most DIT employees will only have the ability to validate or dispute assets that are assigned to them, as well as leaving a comment if they dispute an asset.

  2. Advanced

    The following groups will have the ability to view and edit all assets belonging to DIT, using the ServiceNow Asset Module:
    • Terrapin Tech Store
    • DIT Inventory Coordinator
    • Desktop Support
    • ServiceNow Admins


Service Provisions

  1. Services that are provisioned manually

    • Creating a new asset record

    • Updating an asset record
      • disputes in asset verifications
      • reorgs occur, changing the budget owners
      • employees leave DIT, requiring a new assigned to party

    • Linking a ticket to an asset through its CI

  2. Services that are provisioned automatically

    • Personal asset verification notifications (laptops, desktops, tablets)
      • initial - every 120 days
      • reminder - 5 days after initial
      • escalation to the Budget Owner - 10 days after reminder in email digest form

    • Regular asset verification notifications (shared resources, cell phones, audio visual equipment
      • initial - yearly at staggering times
      • reminder - 10 days after initial
      • escalation to the Budget Owner - 10 days after reminder reminder in email digest form

    • Alerts when data validation errors occur
      • duplicate asset tags

      • duplicate serial numbers


Asset Verification

  1. Initial

    When an asset is initially assigned to an employee, they will receive an email notification.
    Email notification for initial assigned asset
  2. Verification

    Every 120 days, employees will receive an email to verify or dispute assets assigned to them. If you already have an opened dispute for a particular asset you do not have to submit another dispute"
    "Disputed" asset is not considered as "verified" or "cannot be verified" and that's why it is probably included in the notification.
     You will receive a verification if The field "Last Checked In Date" is older then 60 days from now or empty.  As a customer you can visit at any time to validate your asset(s) prior to the PRD start

    The fields can be seen under the support section of the Asset form:

     Article edit screen with last checked in date and marked unverifiable date highlighted

     You will not receive a verification if The field "Marked Unverifiable Date" has a date within the current PRD period.


Asset Record

  1. Creation

    The Terrapin Technology Store will create assets in ServiceNow.  Information entered in the record will be based on the request that is received from the Business Office.

    • From the Assets screen, click New.
      Click the New button to create a new asset

    • Click Hardware
      Click Hardware for the type of asset to create

    • Make a selection for the Model categoryStateModel, and Substate.  The entries cannot be entered manually, as they must be selected from a listing.  For newly purchased items, the State should be set to In Use, and the Substate would be set to Active.
      Adding Asset first part
    • Next,  the asset must be assigned to someone.  The Assigned to is based on names of all employees within DIT.  The Location and Department will automatically populate based on the employee named in the Assigned to field.
      Assigned to will auto populate the location and department
    • Financial Information entry is required:  CostKFS account, and Date Ordered.  The Business Office Manager and Budget Owner will automatically populate based on the KFS account number.
      Financial information about the asset is required

    • Asset details:  Date in Use (must be a date after the Order Date), Asset tag, and Serial number are required information.
      Enter Asset Details: date in use, asset tag, and serial number
      The Asset tag and Serial number cannot exist in the system, as these are not permitted to be duplicated.

    • Warranty expiration is another field that is required.
      Warranty Information must be entered
    • Once all the information is entered, click Save.
      Save button to save asset record

  2. Re-assignment 

    Re-assignment of an asset will result in the Assigned to person receiving an email to verify the asset.
    Example of Email with Assets assigned to Me

  3. Disputes

    • Assets that are disputed will be assigned a Ticket in ServiceNow.
      A ticket will be created for an asset that is in dispute
    • The ticket will be assigned to the Assignment group associated with the Asset.
      The ticket will be assigned to the original Assignment Group
    • The following will automatically populate:

      Configuration item:  Asset tag+Model  
      Short description:  Assigned to+Configuration item

      Configuration Item and Short Description for Asset Ticket


Service Desk Tickets

  1. Service Desk Agents will create tickets for issues relating to Assets.
    Ticket creation for Asset problems
  2. Information that the Agent must collect.

    • Configuration Item:  Ask the customer for the Asset Tag Number.  Entering this will automatically enter all the correct information, as the Configuration Item is comprised of the Asset Tag+Model.
      Agent enters the configuration item
    • The Agent can drill down further to gain information about the Asset.
      Drilling down further to preview information about the asset
      Open the record for the asset
      Full Information about an Asset
    • Scrolling down further from the Asset Record (for example, Laptop: 245460-Dell XPS 13), the Agent can view all tasks and incidents associated with the Asset.
      Tasks associated with the Asset
    • An Agent can also open the record that holds information, such as Assigned toDate in Use, KFS number, Asset Tag and Serial Number, where they can make modifications.
      Open the asset record and make modifications



Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (common use cases)

Assigned To (Designee) Business Manager Inventory Coordinator Budget Owner Support Group Terrapin Tech Store Service Desk
New Request
  • BOTS Ordering
  • Asset Tagging


(new or existing staff)
I R & A R & A
PRD Audit - Validate R

PRD Audit - Dispute A C I C R

Warranty Expiration A C
Asset Repair C
Inventory Pool - Desktop Support C
Inventory Pool - Warranty Desk C
Terp Trader R I A I R

Stolen/Lost R

R = Responsible (also Recommender)

A = Accountable (also Approver or final approving authority)

C = Consulted (sometimes Consultant or counsel)

I = Informed (also Informee)