UMD Open Learning Course Approval Process and Fee Structure

As of September 2, 2019, all new and recurring Open Learning courses that are not currently open for enrollment in Open Learning require university approval. All academic and service units interested in using Open Learning for internal or external courses must submit the University of Maryland (UMD) Non-Credit Course Proposal form to the Office of Extended Studies. To request and submit this form, please email

Courses that were open for enrollment on or before September 1, 2019, are grandfathered until September 1, 2020. Any courses that are not approved by OES as of September 1, 2020, will be removed. 

Effective September 9, 2019, the UMD Open Learning (powered by Canvas/Instructure) carries a charge of $10.00 Technology Fee per individual enrolled in a course. This fee covers contractual and operational costs associated with the learning management system and its integrated learning services and tools.

Fee structure

Any Open Learning courses offered before the new fee structure (September 9, 2019): $7.00 per enrollment (Non-UMD participants only, through 6/30/20).

Any Open Learning courses offered after the new fee structure (September 9, 2019): $10.00 per enrollment (UMD and Non-UMD participants).

There is an annual cap of $15,000.00 per fiscal year that applies to any academic or administrative unit for which enrollment surpasses 1,500 individuals. Shared and cross-listed courses offered by two or more school colleges are not included.

Fee waiver

If a course will be offered free of charge to students, faculty, and staff at UMD, academic and administrative units may request a fee waiver by sending an email to Note: Fee waivers expire when the approved course proposal expires (one year from when enrollment opens). A new request for a fee waiver must be submitted for each subsequent proposal renewal.