Recommended System Specifications for School of Public Health

Table of Contents


Software and applications


Webcams and microphones

Most recent laptop models have a built-in camera and microphone that work well with web conferencing systems. You may also find some affordable solutions (such as the ones listed below) to purchase:


Most recent laptop models have a built-in microphone that works well with web conferencing systems. If you wish to get a headset, here are two options that we use in our IT Service Desk:


All recent laptops have a built in Wifi adapter however most do not come with a dedicated ethernet port. If you are living in a residence hall, South Campus Commons or Courtyards, it is recommended to also have an ethernet connection. You can purchase a USB ethernet adapter or USB-C ethernet adapter if your device does not have a port. 

For instructions on how to set up the ethernet connection, see Connecting to Wired Ethernet at Residence Halls, South Campus Commons, and Courtyards.

For more information, contact an advisor