Hide ELMS-Canvas Grades from Student View

The grades that you enter into the ELMS-Canvas grade book are visible to students by default, as is the ongoing score calculation in the Total column. An instructor can hide this information from students at two levels:  assignment and total score.


Muting assignment grades

You can mute the column associated with a graded assessment to hide a specific grade from student view.  This function can be particularly helpful while you are grading an assignment so that grades can be revealed to all students at the same time.  To mute a column in the grade book

  1. Reveal the context-sensitive menu associated with the column by clicking on the column header cell.
  2. Select the Mute assignment option.

    In the view of grades, students will see a notation that the column has been muted.
    You can make the column visible by repeating steps 1 and 2 to toggle the Mute condition off.


Hiding the total score

You can hide the Total score column and grade distribution graphs from the student view of their grades.  To do so

  1. Click on the Settings link in your course navigation menu.
  2. Scroll through the Course Details options to the more options link.
  3. Click on more options.
  4. Click on the checkboxes associated with the "Hide totals in student grades summary" and "Hide grade distribution graphs from students" checkboxes.
  5. Click on the Update Course Details button.