Create Wireless Bulk and Group Guest Accounts

LAN Admins have access to a tool in the Special Identity Management System (SIMS) that allows the creation of bulk and 1-day group guest wireless accounts that are able to access the umd-guest wireless network. 

To create individual or small numbers of guest wireless accounts, step by step instructions are available: Request a Faculty or Staff Sponsored Wireless Guest Account.

Creating guest and bulk accounts

  1. If you are an LAN admin, visit SIMS
  2. In Request New Identity under System, select Wireless.
  3. Select the Request next to the type of account you would like. 
    1. Bulk guest accounts will provide you with a list of separate accounts and passwords that you can distribute to each guest. 
    2. 1-day groups accounts will provide you with a single username and password, good for 24 hours, that you can distribute to multiple guests. 
  4. Enter the Bulk Account Name or Group Account Name, depending on the type of account you are requesting. This name will become the first part of the guest account username. 
  5. Enter a Description of the account use or event. 
  6. If you are creating bulk guest accounts, select an expiration date and the number of accounts to be created. Accounts will be activated immediately.
  7. If you are creating a 1-day group account, select the start time for the account to become active or leave blank for immediate activation. Accounts expire 24 hours after activation.
  8. Select Submit Create Request
  9. The next screen that appears will display the guest account(s) and password(s). If you do not copy the password, you will need to reset it to be able to view it again. 

Guest sign-ins

Guest account holders can now connect to the umd-guest network with their credentials. Steps to connect as a guest are available for review: Connect to the umd-guest Wireless Network.