Service Level Expectations: Priority Levels, Business Hours and Supported Services

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Service Level Expectations

If you report an issue to DIT, you should expect your Normal Priority case

Updates to the Customer will be sent on a daily basis for cases that are in progress, with the first update coming within 1 business day of creation. 

If a case is critical to campus operations and gets High Priority, it can be expected to be

Some cases may have a workaround or may not be as urgent and will be set with Low Priority:


Business Hours 

Division of Information Technology (DIT)

M-F 8 am to 5 pm

 Monday through Friday8am to 5pm 

Service Desk

Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm(Summer and Winter) 
Monday through Thursday  8am to 10pm(Spring and Fall) 
Friday  8am to 6pm(Spring and Fall)

Network Operations Center (NOC)

24 hours a day/7 days a week (On-Call Support during some hours)


IT Service Desk

Generally, the IT Service Desk acts as a hub for reporting technical support incidents and service requests. 

Supported Services

“Supported” means that the IT Help Desk will make every attempt to perform any steps they are responsible for, with the expectation that they will perform one of the following:  


Referral Services

“Referral” means that the IT Service Desk does not support the requested service; therefore, the customer will be referred to another resource (e.g., campus technician, vendor, another division, or another IT department) for assistance with the request. Referral services include: