Set up Call Forwarding for Cisco IP Phone with the Cisco Self Care Portal

You can set up call forwarding for your Cisco IP Phone through the Cisco Self Care Portal with the Call forwarding options. Follow the steps below to set up all calls forwarding and advanced forwarding from the Self-Care Portal.

Set forwarding for all calls

To set up your phone to forward all incoming calls to another number, follow the instructions below on the Cisco Self Care Portal.

NOTE: If you are accessing the Cisco Self Care Portal from off campus, you will first need to connect to VPN.

  1. Click the Phones tab.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Call Forwarding.
  3. Click the phone number on which you want to set up call forwarding.
  4. Check the Forward calls to: check box.
  5. From the Forward calls to drop-down list box, enter the phone number to which you want to forward all calls.
    NOTE: You MUST add a 9 for a non-UMD line, enter the number as if you were dialing it from your office phone.  example 93015551212, Long Distance 914155551212.
  6. Click Save.

Learn more about call forwarding and the Self Care Portal at Cisco Product Support.

Information courtesy of Cisco.