Reviewing Images in the Knowledge Base

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Removing images

If there is only one image in an article, more leniency can be applied. There shouldn't be more than one image per-section unless is pertinent. These things should be considered when removing images:

Contacting the Content Owner

Try to recreate the image if you have access and it is not too time-consuming. You may need to request that the content owner recreate the image if:

Removing attachments

Rarely is necessary to upload images as attachments. It is also not recommended to use the show attachments option. When this happens: 

When to correct images

It is very common for screenshots to include completely unnecessary elements like the website headers or other elements of a page's layout. These things change frequently and can cause confusion about the validity of otherwise relevant images. Here are things to consider when deciding about editing an image:

Editing images

  1. Download the image.
    • Directly from the article if it is large enough (drag to desktop or right click to save as).
    • From the Image library.
  2. Make your edits
    • Most edits (like cropping, highlighting, and removing names) can be made in an OS default editor like Preview on MacOS and Paint on Windows.
    • Jing is a popular alternative.
    • Photoshop is also available to the UMD community.
  3. Save the file with a new name.
    • The file name should combine the service or software and the action or screen.
    • Example: AdobeEnterpriseSelection (this can be easily searched).

Uploading and adding images to articles

Step-by-step instructions for uploading and adding images to an article can be found in the images section of the Knowledge Management Style Guide.