Rent a Laptop for Travel and FAQ

The university offers an equipment rental program for the University of Maryland, College Park, staff, faculty and affiliates to request to borrow for the duration of either domestic or international travel.

Requesting a rental laptop

  1. Fill out the Equipment Rental Request form accordingly. If the destination is international, the request will be reviewed by the Security Team.
  2. Choose an operating system and request any software in addition to the ones already preloaded onto the laptop along with the respective product key.
  3. Choose to process the request with a KFS number. The amount charged will be determined by the number of days/weeks the laptop will be loaned out.
  4. Review the Terms & Conditions, which will need to be signed when picking up the laptop.
  5. Fill in any additional comments if needed and press Request Now.
  6. For those accepted to request a rental for international travel, a separate security protocol will be sent to prevent information compromise.
  7. Schedule an appointment to pick up the rental from Terrapin Tech.
  8. Return the rental to the same location by the end of the rental agreement.


Who is this equipment rental program for?

This program is for faculty, staff, and affiliates of the University of Maryland, College Park.

What happens to my rental laptop after I return it?

The rental laptop will be securely wiped and re-imaged to be made available for the next customer.

How long can I request the rental laptop for?

The rental laptop can be requested for as long as needed. 

What am I allowed to do using the rental?

Please follow the safety tips and procedures in order to prevent any data being compromised such as using UMD's VPN at all times, using multi-factor authentication, and avoiding connecting to public WiFi. 

Will my search history be investigated?

The laptop will not be searched by the security team unless there is suspicion that data has been compromised. This can be requested when returning the rental.

What happens if I return the laptop after my agreed return date?

The daily rate will be charged for every day after the promised return date. 

What if the laptop breaks during travel?

If possible during domestic travel, please return to Terrapin Tech to exchange the laptop. Unfortunately, there is no procedure to exchange rentals for travel outside the US. When returning a damaged rental, the department will be responsible for the costs to repair the laptop.

How long does it take to approve my request?

The request should be approved in 1 business day.

Am I allowed to request a specific model of laptop?

You can either request a 2017 MacBook Air or a Dell Inspiron 13-inch laptop by selecting which operating system you would like. The laptop is also determined by what is available at the time of the request.

Will I be given a charger along with the laptop?

A charger will be given with the laptop; however, you are responsible for providing the international adapter to use at the destination.

Can another person pick up the rental on my behalf?

No, the Terms & Conditions need to be signed by the person who the laptop was requested for or the person that submitted.

If I return the rental before my end date, do I receive a partial refund?

No, there are no refunds.

How much does it cost to rent a laptop?

Your department will be billed at a rate of $20/day, $60/week. The rate will round up if you rent for 3 or more days of a single week. 

For example: If you rented the laptop for 2 days, you would be billed at the daily rate ($20). If you rented the laptop for 3 days, you would be billed at the weekly rate ($60). If you rented the laptop for 15 days, you would be billed the weekly rate twice and daily rate once: (2*60)+(1*20). And so on.