School of Public Health Computer Departmental Purchasing Guidelines

School of Public Health

Departmental Computer Purchasing

The School of Public Health (SPHL) Information Technology (IT) Solutions Center works with Terrapin Tech to recommend standard computing packages, which are detailed below. These options meet the requirements for security and support within the University’s technological ecosystem and are updated regularly. Contact your business manager if you wish to purchase one of these systems using University funds (such as, from grants, departmental monies and so on).


Minimum Recommendations


Purchasing Process

Business managers must follow this process to make a technology purchase from Terrapin Tech. If needed, monitors, keyboards, mice, and adapters can also be purchased at the same time.

Purchase Available Computers

  1. The individual in need of a new machine can select from a list of Dells or Macs that are currently available for purchase on the Terrapin Tech Technology Store site.
  2. Once the individual has selected a machine, contact Terrapin Tech. You must provide the KFS number or P-Card, as well as the delivery address. Terrapin Tech can be reached via phone at 301.314.7000 (KFS and P-card accepted*).
  3. Notify SPHL IT Solution Center ( regarding the computer you ordered and the name of the individual who will be receiving the system.
  4. If your configuration is not in stock, Terrapin Tech will place an order with Apple or Dell and arrange for the item to be delivered to your specified location.
  5. You will receive a digital copy of your invoice shortly after purchase.

*P-Card purchases can be used to place an order over the phone or in person at McKeldin Library to avoid being charged taxes.


Purchase Custom Computers