Respondus Installation Instructions for Instructors

  1. Visit Terpware and click Academic Resources.
  2. Select Respondus.
  3. Click Log In and log in with your university credentials.
  4. The software must be downloaded in multiple parts. Click to install Respondus Installation and Registration FY19.docx and Respondus4Campus.exe.
  5. On your computer, double-click Respondus4Campus.exe.
    • The installer will walk you through the installation process.
    • Use the following information when prompted.
    • Passphrase is valid through the end of July 2023.

      Institution Name: University of Maryland - College Park
      Local Support Contact(s): Jen Patterson (
      Installation Passphrase Y2307I226914655Ra135b9ca2e19f3c0
  6. Select a personality for Respondus (this is the Canvas learning management system).

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