Propose a New Meeting Time in Google Calander

Google Calendar allows event guests to propose an alternative date and time for events that might cause scheduling conflicts. Event organizers will be notified about the proposed change and can choose to accept, ignore, or suggest another alternative in response.

Event Guests: Propose a new time for an event

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar, sign in, and click the desired event once.
    • You can also click View on Google Calendar from the email notification.
  2. At the bottom of the window, to the right of the Going? Yes, No, and Maybe options, click the Up arrow key.
  3. Select Propose a new time.
    Propose new time button for google calendar
  4. Enter your suggested time and and optional message.
  5. Click Send Proposal.
    Image of select new time

NOTE: If you do not see the option to propose a new time, you may be one of the event's organizers and able to edit the start time of the meeting or seeing an event from a shared calendar you do not have permission to edit

Event Organizers: Review proposed new time and accept, ignore, or propose an alternative

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar, sign in, and click the desired event.
    • You can also click View on Google Calendar from the email notification.
  2. Click Review proposed time.
  3. To accept the changes, click Save.
    • Ignore the proposal to keep the original schedule.
    • You may want to send the proposer an email that their request was denied.
  4. Enter optional updates in the pop-up box.
  5. Click Send.

This video outlines the process from both perspectives