Sharing Webex Recordings

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These actions are only supported in Classic View. After logging into UMD Webex, click Classic View from the menu on the left side of the Modern View screen.

Note: Webex videos are stored for 180 days. Download your Webex videos before they are deleted. 

Access and modify your Webex recordings

  1. Log into UMD Webex with your Directory ID.
  2. Click My Webex tab at the top of the screen.
    • You may have to click the arrow icon above your portrait or initials to show the tabs.
  3. Click My Files.
  4. Click the My Recordings tab.
  5. Click Meetings, Events, Training Sessions, or Miscellaneous to find recordings from a specific Center.
  6. Click the Topic of the recording to view the Recording Information.
  7. From the Recording Information window, click Modify to edit aspects of the recorded session, including:
    • Basic Information, including Topic, Presenter, and Description
    • Recording File, including Playback Control
    • Access Settings, including Registration and Security

      Edit recording session window.

      Recording Information in Meeting Center pictured

Share your recordings using Webex email forwarding

  1. Access your recording
  2. Click the email icon email icon at the end of the file information row.
  3. Enter the emails of the recipients.
    • Separate emails with a comma or semicolon.
  4. Leave the Send a copy of the email to me box checked to receive a copy of the email or uncheck it to decline the copy.
  5. Send a message along with the forwarded recording (Optional).
  6. Click Send.

Share Webex recording links

  1. Access your recording
  2. Click the Topic of the recording to view the recording information.
  3. Copy one or both of the following links:

    Meeting and Training Centers Event Center
    Streaming Recording Link Direct Access Link (Streaming)
    Download Recording Link Playback/Download Link
  4. Share the link through your preferred communication method.  

Receive a forwarded Webex recording by email

If you receive a Webex recording via email:

  1. Click Play Recording

    Recording avaialble email sent from Webex with play recording link highlight in the email body.

  2. A new window will open. Select one of the following options to view or download the recording: 

    • Playback: 

      The ARF player or the Webex Network Recording Player will open. You may be required to download the ARF player or the Webex Extension for your browser to playback recordings.

    • Download: 

      An ARF file will download to your Downloads folder, or you will be prompted to save the recording file.

      Download recording pop up from MacOS.

      Downloaded recordings are typically saved in ARF format and may need to be converted before being viewed or shared. To learn more, read about Playing and Converting Webex Recordings.