Add a Verified Phone for Directory ID Passphrase Resets

  1. Go to the University of Maryland Directory.
  2. Click Directory Profile Page and login. You may need to authenticate with Multi-factor authentication.
  3. Click the Set up a verified phone now button.
    • By setting up a recovery/verified phone, you are agreeing to let the University of Maryland send text messages to that device. Charges may apply.
    • If you already have a verified phone, you can click the Remove your verified phone or Update your verified phone buttons to perform those actions.
  4. Enter a phone number to set as your recovery phone and confirm the country code in the drop-down menu.
    • You must select a phone that can receive text messages. Landlines cannot be used for this feature.
  5. Click Send SMS Verification Code (Text Me!).

Once a recovery phone is set, you can Use a Verified Phone for Forgotten Passphrase.