Add a Verified Phone for Directory ID Passphrase Resets

  1. Go to the University of Maryland Directory.
  2. Click Directory Profile Page and login. You may need to authenticate with Multi-factor authentication.
  3. Click the Set up a verified phone now button.
    • By setting up a recovery/verified phone, you are agreeing to let the University of Maryland send text messages to that device. Charges may apply.
    • If you already have a verified phone, you can click the Remove your verified phone or Update your verified phone buttons to perform those actions.
  4. Enter a phone number to set as your recovery phone and confirm the country code in the drop-down menu.
    • You must select a phone that can receive text messages. Landlines cannot be used for this feature.
  5. Click Send SMS Verification Code (Text Me!).
  6. Enter the provided SMS Verification Code and click Verify Phone.

Once a recovery phone is set, you can Use a Verified Phone Number for Forgotten Passphrase.