Unable to Access Campus Reports (reports.umd.edu)

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Campus Reports is a reporting service available at reports.umd.edu. Reports are available through the Tableau platform. If you are unable to access Campus Reports, follow these steps to troubleshoot your issue.

Do you have permission to access Campus Reports?

There are three user types for Campus Reports.

Depending on your user type, you may have access to some reports and not others. 

Public user - does not require you to log in or use the virtual private network (VPN) to access reports. However, you will have limited access to reports.

Faculty and staff - user types have access to Tableau and SAS reporting.

Faculty, staff or student - you must log into the virtual private network (VPN) using the UMaccess-MFA group. Other VPN profiles will not work. You must also Authenticate With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).


Is the Tableau Campus Reports site down?

Verify that the Campus Reports portal is available by opening a browser and going to the URL reports.umd.edu.

If the site is non-responsive, Service Desk agents should open an Incident and escalate to dit-aa-system-administrators ServiceNow group.

If reports.umd.edu is available, follow the steps in the section below, Are you able to log in?


Are you able to log in?

If you are an active employee and the Campus Reports site is available, follow these steps to troubleshoot your log in.

  1. Connect to VPN using the UMaccess-MFA profile. Other VPN profiles will not work.
  2. In a browser, go to the Campus Reports site at https://reports.umd.edu.
  3. Select your user type. Public Users do not need to log in. Faculty, staff and student users must log in to access reports.
    NOTE: You can change your user type by clicking the Switch User Type button in the top right corner of the page.
  4. Faculty and staff select from three options.
    • Proceed to Tableau reports.
    • Proceed to SAS reports.
    • Don't Know Where to Go?
  5. Faculty, staff and students will be prompted to log in with your Directory ID and password. You may need to authenticate your identity.
  6. The Campus Reports Navigator allows you to find and run reports. If a list of reports does not appear for you, the Service Desk should create an Incident and assign it according to this list of associated contacts