Connect to a Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR)

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Connect to a Collaboration Meeting Room (CMR) with Webex Teams

  1. Log into Webex Teams, either through a browser or the Webex Teams desktop app (app is recommended).
  2. Click the Call button to bring up the dialer.
  3. Enter the address of the meeting you are attempting to join. Sample meeting addresses are provided below:
    • Sample personal meeting room address: [directoryid]
    • Sample address for a scheduled meeting: [meetingnumber]
  4. Once connected, you will be able to share video, audio, and more.

Connect to a CMR with a browser, phone, or productivity tools

Joining a CMR is done the same way you would join a standard Webex Meeting. You can join from your browser, by phone, or through an email invitation. You can also use Productivity Tools to connect to a meeting.

Call a CMR from another CMR

  1. Locate the address of the Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room you wish to connect with. Here is a sample meeting address is: [RoomNumber]
  2. Locate the Cisco Telepresence Unit in your room and press the Call button.
  3. Choose from recents or favorites to see if the CMR address is present, or press search or dial to bring up the keypad.
  4. Enter the address of the CMR you are connecting to and press the Call button.
You will initiate a call to the room you specified. If someone is present, they will be able to answer the call and the video conference will initiate.