Facilities Management Office Descriptions

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Department of Building and Landscape Services

Contact number: 301-405-3233.

Department of Building and Landscape Services provides a full range of building and grounds maintenance services. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations: 

Arboretum and Horticultural Services

The campus grounds are a certified Arboretum and Botanical Garden and a Tree Campus, requiring an experienced horticultural staff to maintain high standards for continued certification. This unit provides overall program management for the Arboretum and Botanical Garden Information Center and works closely with campus planners to create new landscape environments and projects relating to the campus Master Plan.  Operational support comes from the Landscape Services Unit.

Area Maintenance

Area Maintenance monitors and provides daily maintenance to building interiors.

Landscape Services

This unit provides landscape maintenance and support, including mowing and weed control, landscaping, irrigation, masonry, lawnmower and heavy equipment repair, and pest control. This unit is responsible for the daily maintenance and seasonal snow and ice removal for over 1200 acres of campus grounds, including more than 22 miles of sidewalks and 12 miles of roads.

Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services provides a variety of cleaning services to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment in academic, administrative and research buildings. This unit cleans and removes trash and recyclables in more than 100 buildings (approximately seven million square feet), including over 300 classrooms and 50 lecture halls. It disinfects more than 4,000 restroom fixtures daily. These services are provided in an environmentally sustainable manner, using Green Seal certified products, equipment and methods, such as an automated Quality Assurance program.

Recycling and Solid Waste Management

Recycling and Solid Waste Management collects and hauls the more than 12,000 tons of recyclables and trash generated on campus annually. This unit, led by Assistant Director Sandra Dykes, develops and manages programs and activities for the campus community that promote and expand campus recycling. They also collect and report campus data identifying specific recycling materials on an annual basis (64% of the waste stream was being recycled as of December 2011).


Reflex staff provide service as needed at night and on weekends.

Special Services

Special Services is responsible for coordinating and managing event support for more than 600 campus events annually, including University Commencement ceremonies and Maryland Day. This unit provides tents, stages, sound, decoration, tables, chairs, and a wide variety of other items. They also provide moving services for the more than 300 offices and laboratory moves that take place on campus each year.


Planning and Construction 

Contact number: 301-405-1120.

Planning and Construction provides management and support for construction projects on campus. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations: 

Administrative Support

This unit provides and supports budgeting, financial control, management information systems, project and equipment controls and other administrative functions for the department.

Capital Budgets

responsible for preparing the Part 1 and Part 2 programs that are submitted to the state for review and approval. This unit also supports the University of Maryland's (UMD) submission of the CIP and SFCP.  

Project Management

is responsible for managing construction and renovation projects at the University of Maryland, College Park, seven University System of Maryland institutions and two Regional Education Centers.

Design Services

is responsible for proving design for facility renovations for UMD utilizing in-house professionals while having the ability to augment their capacity with private architectural and engineering companies.

Technical Support Services

provides project schedule review, cost estimating, construction quality assurance (QA), project sustainability review and D and C staff training coordination, and coordinates project submissions to the ALRB, ARB and MNCPP.


The Office of Facilities Administration 

Contact number: 301-405-8305

The Office of Facilities Administration (OFA), directed by Kenneth M. Riebert, is the administrative branch of Facilities Management (FM). OFA supports all six departments of FM, providing an array of functions including payroll, finance, budgets, logistics, work management, information technology, energy management and telecommunications. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations: 

Energy and Utilities

This unit is responsible for the purchase of electricity from third party suppliers, competitive procurement of natural gas for the 27MW combined heat and power plant. Utility budget is also managed monthly payment of utility invoices and re-billing of auxiliary units. Demand response, energy service contracts, renewable energy, campus utility metering, and other utilities are also managed by the group.

Accounting and Financial Support

provides the financial services for FM. payment of all FM invoices, and accounting, reconciling, and reporting for Capital, Campus, and Facilities Renewal Projects.

Human Resources and Payroll

This unit handles activities including employee relations, employment, classification, wage and salary administration, benefits coordination, performance management, health and safety, training and apprenticeship, diversity initiatives, employee travel and parking, and payroll administration.

Logistics and Fleet Services

shipping, receiving and over-the-counter sales of tools, parts and supplies through its warehouse, and delivers to campus buildings and job sites. This unit maintains FM’s vehicle fleet.

Customer Response Center

This unit maintains a 24 hour/7 day per week operation they provide a critical campus function by responding to alarms and coordinating work in crisis situations.


Division of Information Technology 

The Division of Information Technology manages computing hardware and software, creates and maintains internally developed software applications, and interfaces them with campus and commercial information systems.  In addition, they manage the telecommunications needs of FM. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations: 

Network Operations

Network Operations procures, installs and maintains computing hardware and software to provide data access, integrity, security and efficiency to both FM and campus users. 

Software Development

This unit creates and maintains FM’s internally developed software applications and databases and evaluates, integrates and interfaces these systems with numerous campus and commercial information systems.

Initiatives and Communication

This unit works with vendors and the central Division of Information Technology to ensure desk phones, data lines, cell phones, pagers and radios are obtained and in good working order to enable FM staff to work effectively.


The Department of Facilities Planning

Contact number: 301-405-3205

The Department of Facilities Planning has four functional areas. In addition, the Director, Brenda D. Testa, is a Facilities Management liaison to the Provost and Capital Planning in the University System of Maryland Office and coordinates and provides staff support for the Facilities Council, the Facilities Advisory Committee, Facilities Improvement Committee and the College Park City-University Partnership. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations: 

Space Planning and Leasing

assists in the implementation of departmental reconfiguration and relocation.

Facilities Asset Inventory Manages

the building and room inventories, architectural drawings inventory (building floor plans), campus and utilities mapping, and the facilities archival library.

Campus Development

provides professional services related to campus master planning, district plans, site evaluations, design review/guidelines, landscape and environmental projects.  


Operations and Maintenance Department

Contact number: 301-405-3205.

Operations and Maintenance Department operates, maintains, repairs and renews the campus' facilities and infrastructure. Work is performed using a range of methods, including an in-house workforce of the traditional facilities trades and over 200 staff members. It provides maintenance for electrical and pipe services, and maintenance contracts for roads, sidewalks and roofs. It also maintains service contracts for elevators, chillers and UPS systems. Click the unit name to read a description of its operations:

Engineering and Energy

Contact number: 301-405-3233.

Engineering and Energy is made of four units: Energy Management, Engineering Services, Facility Performance and Plant Operations.

College Park Energy, LLC

College Park Energy, LLC is a public/private partnership. It is responsible for operation and renewal of the steam production and distribution system, high voltage distribution system and steam-driven chilled water plant in the northern research area of campus.

Trigen-Cinergy Systems

Trigen-Cinergy Systems is responsible for operation and renewal of UMD's steam production and distribution system, high voltage distribution system and district chilled water plant (steam driven) for the northern research area of campus.

HVAC Services

This unit oversees heating, air conditioning, energy management, refrigeration and fume hood maintenance units.

Life Safety Systems Units

These units provide inspection, testing and maintenance of a wide variety of emergency equipment including fire alarm systems, automatic sprinkler systems, fire pumps and controllers, underground water mains, fire extinguishers, emergency showers and eye washes.