Authenticate with Multi-factor Authentication without a Wireless Connection or Traveling Abroad

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If you use a mobile device for multi-factor authentication (MFA), you may not always have wireless connection. You can still authenticate by generating a passcode with the Duo Mobile app or a hardware token.

Generate a passcode with the Duo Mobile app

  1. When prompted to verify your identity with MFA, select Enter a Passcode.
    Enter a Passcode
  2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device.
  3. Tap the Key icon or carat to expand your University of Maryland College Park account.
    Generate a Passcode
  4. A six-digit numeric code will be generated. Enter this code in the Enter Passcode field on the multi-factor authentication window on your computer.


Generate a passcode with a hardware token

Alternatively, a hardware token can be used to generate a passcode when traveling internationally. View Authenticate With Multi-Factor Authentication to learn more.