Accessing and Running UDOIT

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What is UDOIT?

UDOIT is an accessibility auditing tool available to faculty and staff inside ELMS-Canvas. UDOIT scans your course and generates a report with resources for solving accessibility issues. Understand the scan's report by reading Managing UDOIT Scan Results and Understanding Errors. More in-depth information on using UDOIT is available in the ELMS UDOIT Guide.


Accessing UDOIT

To access UDOIT for the first time in your ELMS-Canvas course space, you will need to:
  1. Click the Settings link in the navigation menu.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Click the Settings icon.
  4. Click Enable.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Now you will simply need to select the UDOIT link in the course navigation menu to open UDOIT. This link is not visible to students.


Running the UDOIT Scan

UDOIT can scan the following content areas: Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Files, Pages, Syllabus, and Module urls.

Once you have opened UDOIT:
  1. Select the content area(s) you wish to scan by checking the box next to its name. (For large courses, it is recommended that only one checkbox be checked per scan. For smaller courses, you may wish to check All.)
  2. Leave Scan for checked, or choose to scan only Errors or Suggestions
  3. Click the Scan this Course button.
  4. Do not attempt to go to a different page from this web browser tab while the scan runs.
UDOIT does not scan attached or embedded files and external websites (for the Files page/section, only HTML files are scanned), but will generate a list of all the files contained in the course. Each of these items will need to be checked and repaired manually.