Getting Started with Webex for Business Collaboration

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Join a Webex meeting

If you have been invited to a Webex meeting, joining is simple. Your invitation should include the meeting number and the access code. Joining a Webex meeting is as easy as clicking Join the Meeting. If it is your first time using Webex on your computer (or mobile device), you may be prompted to install a browser extension. But don't worry--Webex has clear instructions available during the installation. Learn more by reading about How to Join a Webex Meeting.

Click on the email link to join the WebEx web conferencing (video/audio) meeting

Start a meeting

When you're ready to begin your meeting, you'll need to start it. If you're meeting in your Personal Room, check out Start a meeting from your Personal Room. If this is a scheduled meeting, check out Start a scheduled meeting.

Host a conference call

Need to host a conference call? Webex can be used to host audio conferences with up to 1000 participants at at time.  Some setup is required, so check out How to Use Webex to Host Conference Calls for step-by-step guidance on the process.

Learn about Webex participant limits

There are limits to how many people can join your web conference. The maximum number of participants varies depending on your audio preferences, and which center you choose to use. For more information, see Webex Participant Limits.

Set up an alternate host

Setting up an alternate host can save you trouble in the long run. Maybe you have been asked to set up a meeting for a colleague; maybe you're worried you'll miss the meeting due to illness? 

Either way, setting up an alternate host for your important meeting ensures your coworkers still get work done. The alternate host can start and manage the meeting as necessary. For more information, visit How to Setup a Meeting with an Alternate Host in Webex.

Manage your audio conference settings

The audio setting is one of the most important settings for a Webex meeting. It can effect how people join your meeting--whether by phone only, or through their computer using VoIP--and can also change the number of maximum participants. For more information, visit How to Change Audio Conference Settings in Webex.