Complete Multi-factor Authentication with Callback

After logging into a campus system or service through the Central Authentication Service (CAS), the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) prompt will be displayed. Call Me will be offered as a possible authentication method. 

The Call Me option allows you to use a mobile or landline telephone number as a second form of authentication. If selected, this option will dial a number connected to your iOS or Android device, or to a landline/phone number that is registered.

To learn how to add a phone number for callback to your Multi-factor Authentication Profile, view the Enroll a Phone Number in Callback article.

To complete MFA using the Call Me option, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into CAS. Under Choose an authentication method, click Call Me.
    Click Call Me
  2. You will receive a call with the following message on the phone number listed in your MFA Profile:
                "Hello, this is Duo. If you are not expecting this call, please hang up. Otherwise, press any key to login."
  3. Press any key on the phone keypad to verify your identity and complete the authentication process.