First Time Enrollment in Multi-Factor Authentication Using Mobile Device

If this is not your first time using Duo and you would like to add a device to your Duo account, see Enroll Your Device in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

  1. Visit the MFA Profile page. Log into the Central Authentication System (CAS).
  2. Choose the device you are enrolling and click Continue
    Add a device
  3. Select the type of device you are adding, then click Continue.
  4. If you are prompted to enter your phone number, enter and verify the number, then click Continue.
    • The phone number entered here will be used for registration and record keeping purposes only.
  5. Make sure Duo Mobile is installed on your device, then click I have Duo Mobile installed on the computer.
  6. Open the Duo Mobile App and click the Add Account icon to scan the barcode on your computer. The screen will confirm when you have succeeded with a checkmark.
    Scan the barcode to enroll your mobile device in Duo multi-factor authentication
  7. Now, protect your account on all CAS login screens by enabling Enable Multi-Factor Everywhere with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication. After you turn on MFA Everywhere, you will be able to authenticate using Push notifications, passcodes, bypass codes or Call Back.
    NOTE: We recommend you Add another Multi-Factor Authentication Method or Device to your MFA Profile, and print Using Bypass Codes for Multi-Factor Authentication. This will prevent getting locked out of your account.