Manage Multi-factor Authentication Hardware Tokens

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Visit your MFA Profile

  1. Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile page and sign in.
  2. Click Login to authenticate your identity.


Add a Hardware Token

NOTE: If you are registering a token before a mobile device, go to instead of the Multi-Factor Authentication Profile page.

  1. Click Manage under Hardware Tokens
  2. Click Register Your Hardware Token, enter the Token Serial Number, select the Token Brand, and click Register Device
  3. Your Hardware Token should be successfully registered.
    Register Hardware Token


Remove a Hardware Token

  1. Next to Devices and Settings, click Manage Devices.
     Manage Devices
  2. You will be asked to authenticate your identity.
  3. All enrolled devices, including your token, will be listed. Next to your token, click Device Options.

    Click Device Options next to Token #

  4. Click the red Trash Can icon 
  5. A prompt will ask if you are sure you want to permanently remove the device. Click Remove.
  6. In the My Settings & Devices page, a confirmation message will be displayed.


Reactivate a Hardware Token

Contact the Service Desk to reactivate a Hardware Token.