Support Incident States

Incident States

The following information is relevant to cases that are formatted as "INC0123456". 

New A newly created case that waiting for assignment and work to begin.  All tickets created by customers (web, email) begin as New.
In Progress An agent has taken responsibility and is working on the case. The agent should respond to customer to acknowledge that work is beginning.  This status may be skipped if one of the active codes below is used.
Waiting The SLA clock is suspended when the Waiting state is selected.
There are 5 required Substates:
  • Appointment scheduled
  • Waiting on vendor
  • Field verification
  • Customer input needed
  • Customer Reminded
  • Other
Completed Agent believes that the customer's needs have been met or that the customer understands that we have done all that we can on the matter.

Completed tickets are automatically set to Closed if the customer does not respond within 24 business hours.

There are 9 required Substates:
  • Solved (Work Around)
  • Solved (Permanently)
  • Access and Authentication
  • User Error/Knowledge
  • Not Reproducible
  • Unknown
  • Closed/Resolved by Customer
  • Email Spam
  • Duplicate
Two other codes are set by automatic rules, and are available for reports:
  • Email Spam – set automatically when using the "Resolve as spam" feature
  • No response from customer – set automatically when ticket is automatically closed due to non-response
Closed This is set automatically after 24 business hours (3 days) in the Completed state.  Note that a customer reply to a Closed ticket does not reopen it, but starts a new ticket.