Affiliate Data Collection Form

The Affiliates Module is a separate module of PHR that was implemented on March 31, 2006. It provides a single, integrated system to collect information on affiliates, and meet the need for all units to manage affiliate information and the services to be provided to them.

An Affiliate is a person who (1) is not a student, faculty member or staff member of the University of Maryland, (2) has an affiliation with the university such that it is desired to give him/her limited services, (3) is not on campus to participate only in camps/programs that are sponsored by a non-academic or academic campus department, and (4) does not require a paid or non-paid appointment in the Academic Resource or Payroll Human Resource Systems.

NOTE: Download and complete the Affiliate Data Collection Form. When complete, submit it to your sponsoring unit. Keep a copy for your records.

For additional information, review Payroll and Human Resources (PHR) Affiliates Module.