Cisco IP Phone and Accessory Pricing

Table of contents

Purchase a telephone or accessory

To purchase a Cisco IP telephone or accessory, complete a VOIP Services request form. You must be a Department Representatives, business Managers or LAN Administrators to access the form.

All telephones are owned and maintained by Division of Information Technology (DIT). New phone installations incur a one time lease agreement fee to the department. 

Accessories must be purchased by the department. This includes replacement accessories and accessories required to make the phone work.

NOTE: The only exception is for headsets that were purchased from the DIT in FY 17. With proof of purchase, DIT will replace those headsets at no charge.



Description Type Commodity Price
Cisco UC Phone (Gig Connection Available) Wall Phone 7841 $131.40
Cisco Mount Kit for 7800 Series Phones Wall Bracket 3007 $27.00
Cisco IP Phone with Additional Buttons Desk Phone 8851 $221.00
Cisco IP Phone Expansion Model Desk Phone 8800 $176.40
Cisco Mount Kit for 8800 Series Phones Wall Bracket 3113 $44.63
Cisco 8831 Base/Control w/ Spare DCU Conference Phone 8831 $538.20
Cisco 8831 Wired Microphone Mic Kit (Optional) Conference Phone 3008 $126.00
Cisco 8832 Base/Control w/ Spare DCU Conference Phone 8832 $722.40
Cisco 8832 Wired Microphone Mic Kit (Optional) Conference Phone 8823-MIC-WIR $189.00



Description Type Commodity Price
Hardwire Plantronics EncorePro 510 Headset 1134 $72.00
Hardwire Plantronics EncorePro 520 Headset 1475 $79.00
Wireless Plantronics C5540 Headset 2070 $192.00
Headset HW520 Binaural Headset 1475 $78.86
Headset Wireless Convertable CS540 Headset 2070 $197.15
Headset U10 EHS Cable f/u/w Cisco + "H" headset Headset Adapter 3086 $56.46


Adapter cords

Description Type Commodity Price
Cord Wired U10 Hookswitch 3086 $29.00
Cord 8841 + Wireless Hookswitch 3087 $55.00
Cord 8851 + Wireless Hookswitch 3025 $55.00