Service Catalog Request: Sponsored Accounts


Approve Service Catalog Task for a Sponsored Student Account.

Agent Authorization/Credentials Required

Gafe Administrator

Steps to Complete Procedure

  1. Open the task "Sponsored Student Accounts-UMD Google for <student name>".
  2. From, look up the Student's directory ID under the "UMService" tab.
  3. Under UmService, change cloud: to gafe (it will be either "Attribute ONE" or "gafe-suspended").
    Select "Update UmServices".
  4. Under UmServiceStatus, change gafe: to sponsored.
    Select "Update UmServiceStatus".
  5. If the account was suspended, then open up and log into the Google Administrator console as a Google Admin (Otherwise, if the account is newly created, then skip this step.).
    - look up the directory ID
    - Restore the User
    - Move the user's account to Active Users: gafe.nobackup.
  6. Mark the task State as "Closed Completed".