Register a TurningPoint Account for New Students

To use clicker technology in the classroom or virtually, students must create a TurningPoint (Clickers) account with Turning Technologies and (optionally) link a clicker device in association with the account. You also need to ensure you register using the same email address used in ELMS-Canvas. Once registered, either download the TurningPoint app on your mobile device or go to to access polls for any of your UMD courses.

Follow the steps below to complete this process and sync your account to the ELMS-Canvas course space.

  1. Log into ELMS-Canvas and sign in with your university Directory ID and password.
  2. Select a course where you will be using clickers.
  3. Select Clickers from the left side course navigation menu.
  4. A window for Turning New User Registration will open. Your UMD email address and course Role will show on the form. Select your Country and enter your First Name and Last Name.
    Screenshot of clicking the box next to I agree to licensed agreement then click continue.
  5. Select the box next to I agree to Turning End User License Agreement. Click Continue.
  6. The Welcome! page will open. Click Let's get started.
  7. You will be directed to a registration process window. Click Next.
  8. You will be given the choice to add a clicker number, purchase a clicker, or indicate if you are using a mobile device.
    screenshot of given the choice to add a clicker #, purchase a clicker or indicate if you are using a mobile device.
  9. If you are using a Clicker, enter your Clicker ID (on the back of a clicker device). Select the radio button next to Only use mobile device, unless you are required to purchase a clicker. Click Next.
  10. The process window for our LMS (ELMS-Canvas) will be prefilled with Canvas and your User Id. Click Next.
  11. You will have an option to watch 2 brief tutorials. Click Finish when you have completed the tutorials.

NOTE: If students have previously set up an account with a non-UMD email address (e.g.,, or have registered with two email addresses, they must visit Turning Technologies' support page or call 330-746-3015 to resolve the issue before their grades can be uploaded to ELMS-Canvas.  Other issues related to unsuccessful clicker responses should also be directed to Turning support.