TurningPoint PowerPoint Polling

Table of contents

TurningPoint can be used in PowerPoint presentations. This article will explain how to create and launch polls in PowerPoint. If you need help downloading or updating TurningPoint, follow the instructions in Getting Started with TurningPoint for Instructors.

Add TurningPoint question slides to existing presentations

  1. Launch TurningPoint from your desktop.
  2. Select PowerPoint Polling - Start now.
  3. Open an existing PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Select where you want to add a slide.
  5. Click New in the Turning point menu ribbon.
  6. Select Question Type.
  7. Enter your question as designated.
  8. Enter your answers, as noted, beneath the question.
  9. Enter a point value, the correct answers and other choices from the Question Options panel on the right.
  10. Save and close your presentation.


Preparing students to participate in polling and running a session

  1. Launch TurningPoint.
  2. Select Continue or Sign In as prompted.
  3. Under Courses, select your course.
  4. Select PowerPoint Polling - Start now.
  5. Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  6. If students are using their devices, select Mobile Responses from the menu. If Random is selected, a Session ID will be randomly generated.
  7. To reserve a unique Session ID:
    1. Click Reserve.
    2. Enter a unique Session ID between 4 and 14 alphanumeric characters (it must contain at least one letter).
    3. Click Reserve.
  8. Click Start Session.
  9. Students log in with the TurningPoint Mobile app or visiting ttpoll.com in their browser.
  10. If students are using clickers, Receiver will be highlighted. Make sure students are connected to the channel posted in the room, which should be the same as the channel listed when you click Receiver if you are using the classroom desktop computer.
  11. Make sure your course is selected in the drop down menu in the TurningPoint ribbon.
  12. Select Reset - Session to make sure you are ready for a new class session.
  13. Start the PowerPoint slideshow.
  14. At the end of the slideshow, click Save - Save Session and Upload Results.
  15. Save the file where you will be able to find it. A column will appear in the ELMS-Canvas course linked to this Course.


Accessing results

  1. Sign in to TurningPoint.
  2. Locate the course you want to see and select View. The course will open the Roster page.
  3. Click Results on the top navigation. This will load the first session by default.
  4. Select a session from the panel on the left to view results.