Classroom Response System (Clickers): Saving and Exporting PointSolutions Polling Session Data Files

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Clickers session results are saved by default to the local computer, and data saved on a classroom computer will usually be lost when you log off of the computer.  But you can save your Clickers session data and export it to a location of your choice, of you can upload grades directly to your ELMS-Canvas course.

At the end of each Clickers class session, you will be prompted to save your Clickers/PointSolutions (formerly TurningPoint) data to the classroom computer.  After closing your PowerPoint presentation or polling session, you have the option to upload the session data for your students directly to your ELMS-Canvas course (see Uploading Grades to ELMS-Canvas).  

You can also export these data to another location (e.g., as a back-up, to upload grades at a later time, or to view later). Follow the steps below to export your student response session data.


Saving Clickers/PointSolutions Session Data

  1. At the end of a Clickers polling session, click the Save icon under the PointSolutions toolbar tab.

  2. Choose Save Session to save the data from this class session, or Save Session and Upload Results to save the session and immediately upload the student response results to your ELMS-Canvas course.
    • After saving the session, the student response results for this session will be saved locally on the classroom computer.
  3. Close your PowerPoint presentation to return to the PointSolutions dashboard.
    • You will be given the option of saving your PowerPoint presentation; if you have made any changes to the presentation file, you may wish to save those changes at this point.
    • Note that you will be returned to the Manage tab of the PointSolutions dashboard, and you will see the session file you have saved is listed in the left pane of the PointSolutions dashboard.


Exporting Clickers/PointSolutions Session Data

  1. Under the Manage tab, select your saved session file from the left pane of the PointSolutions dashboard and then click the Session drop-down menu.
  2. Select Export.
  3. An Export Session window will open. A checkmark should be next to the session file to be exported from the classroom computer (you can add other files to export as well at this point).  Browse for a location on the classroom computer to which you will save the file by clicking the button with three dots under Export to a Directory indicator.
    • Note that if you have access to a shared drive on the computer (e.g., Box), you can choose to save directly to this location. Otherwise, you can save to the local classroom computer and copy the file to a USB drive.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you wish to set a password for access to this file, check the Associate a password box.  You will be prompted to enter a password of your choosing (at least 8 characters) when you click Save in the next step.
  6. Click Save in the Export Session window.


Retrieving and Importing the PointSolutions Session Data File 

Saved data files can be opened in PointSolutions from whichever location you have saved the file:

  1. Go to the location where you have saved the PointSolutions session data file that you wish to import into PointSolutions (e.g., on your computer, a shared drive, USB device) and double-click to open the file (the filename will have a .tpzx extension).
  2. If prompted, log into your PointSolutions account with your UMD credentials, or click Continue in the window that appears if you have saved your log-in information.  The PointSolutions dashboard will open.
  3. A window will pop up that says “PointSolutions will attempt to import the selection Session.” Click OK to begin importing the session file.
    • If a password was established for the file when it was saved, enter that password when prompted.
  4. You will have the option of copying the file to a location where your PointSolutions session files are saved or moving the file to this location.
    • To move the file, choose the Move Session button.
    • To copy the file, choose the Leave in Place button.

  5. Click OK, and your file will be imported.  You’ll see the file in the left Content pane of the PointSolutions dashboard once the import is completed.
  6. After the file import, you will be returned to the Manage tab, from which you can create a report or upload the student response data to your ELMS-Canvas course (see Uploading Grades to ELMS-Canvas).


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