DRUPAL : Managing Git Repository with Git Labs

All Drupal sites supported by the Division of Information Technology are version controlled with Git repository management. With Git Lab, site owners can use the interface to access to their site specific files, libraries, modules, and themes as well as monitor site activity and promote changes from their development site to production site with merge requests. We recommend starting with an existing site before migrating into DIT Drupal Hosting environment. If you have any questions on how to get started, contact us at drupal@umd.edu.

Repository management with GitLab

There are many advantages to managing your Git repository with the Git Lab user interface. Site owners and builders can use the interface to:

GitLab vs GitHub (or other GIT interfaces)

The Division of Information Technology officially supports Git repository management with Git Lab. If you are familiar with other other Git interfaces and are interested in learning more about the differences, see this comparison guide.