Using the Unit Code Maintenance Forms

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Use of forms

The Unit Code Maintenance Forms can be used for creating new units, moving units, changing unit names, or making units obsolete. Use the appropriate form to make the request:

If the unit requiring action is a PHR Unit Type:


PHR unit types

The approved Unit Types are as follows:
Academic Administrative Support: A unit based outside the Colleges that provides administrative support for the instructional and research mission of the institution. This includes Records & Registration, Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Research Administration and Advancement, and the Office of International Services.
Academic College: An administrative unit that oversees one or more academic departments. It provides leadership and administrative and material support for the instructional, scholarly, advising, and outreach functions of its academic constituents. The College is the unit that awards undergraduate degrees.
Academic College and Department: A unit, such as a non-departmentalized College, that serves the dual functions of Academic College and Department.
Academic Department: A unit that houses a faculty, and that ordinarily offers academic courses and academic programs within a single discipline or a small number of related disciplines. A department may serve as the tenure home for faculty. Creating a new department requires the approval of the College Park Senate and the UMS Board of Regents.
Academic Instructional/Research Support: A unit that provides direct academic support for the instructional and research activities of the institution. This includes the Libraries, DIT, Center for Teaching Excellence, Honors, and Letters & Sciences.
Academic Outreach: A unit that provides academically based expertise for outreach to the wider community. This includes TAP and Maryland Cooperative Extension Service.
Academic Program Home: A unit that administers an academic program but is not an Academic Department. An academic program is a defined curriculum leading to the awarding of a degree recognized by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) and listed on its roster of approved programs. This includes Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral Degrees. It also includes Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates. Normally these units may not serve as tenure homes, but there are exceptions.
Center/Institute: A unit with an academically based research or service mission, directed by resident or affiliated faculty, that has been officially recognized as a Center or Institute. Centers are often based within an academic department, and Institutes often stand alone, but this is not a requirement. Centers and Institutes normally may not be faculty tenure homes, and normally do not offer academic programs or courses, but may in special cases. Establishing a Center requires the approval of the Provost. Establishing an Institute requires the approval of the President and notification to the Chancellor.
University Support: A unit that provides administrative, infrastructure, or development support for individual campus units or for the campus in general. It provides service to students, faculty and staff in a non-academic function. University service units include University Human Resources, Police, Facilities Management, Dining Services, Campus Parking, Alumni Programs, and University Relations.


Moving a unit


Informing affected groups of the unit change

ODA will send announcements of the unit actions (with a "cc" to the requester) to a list of service offices (e.g. Comptroller, Procurement, PHR) so that the department does not have to contact each service office separately.


PHR unit report

Please see the attached PDF file. This report lists current active PHR unit codes and unit names.