UMD Directory Services: ID Policy

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ID creation for new users

The program takes the first letter of the first name and then concatenates the last name (punctuation within the name is ignored). This string is then truncated to eight characters. If this ID is not available (in use, reserved, etc.), then a number (staring with 1) is appended to the ID until an available ID is reached. Note that additional characters may need to be truncated from the name to keep the ID within the eight character limit.

ID selection by new users

When new users first go to activate services, they are allowed to select a new ID. It must start with three alphabetic characters and may contain up to five other alphanumeric characters (all lower case). If the change is performed by an administrative user, only the first character must be non-numeric. The requested ID must not be in use, reserved, etc.
NOTE: Creating your own Directory ID feature is disabled until further notice.

ID changes

Currently policy is to direct all other ID change requests to the IT Service Desk. ID changes are then coordinated for impacted UMD accounts. A reserve or request the inactive flag can be overridden and to be cleared. Changes performed by an administrative user require only the first character must be non-numeric.

ID reserves

There are a number of feeds which can cause an ID to be reserved such as listservs. ID's are marked as inactive for 365 days from when they were last in the in use state. During this time, only the person previously using this ID may reclaim it.