Grant Access to Student Information to a Parent/Guardian

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The following article covers how to grant access through Testudo to view student information. Another article covers how to authorize a parent to pay for student bills..

Granting access to a parent or guardian

Students may grant parents or legal guardians access to their account using the Parent Access section of the My Profile page. Access may be granted to anyone with a Directory ID.

If a parent or guardian does not have a Directory ID, he or she can create and activate an Associate Account, for which a personal email address will be the Directory ID. Once the account is authorized, the parent or guardian can log in to the Office of the Registrar.

  1. Log in to Testudo and click on your name to bring up the My Profile link.
    Your name is located near the top right of the screen, clicking it brings up the My Profile link
  2. Find the Parent Access section of the page and enter the Directory ID of the account to which you are granting access (Associate Account Directory ID's are full email addresses). Click on Grant.

    Parent Access is near the bottom left
  3. The authorized account will appear in a table in the Parent Access section, displaying an expiration date, current status, and action buttons to Remove or Renew access. You may grant access to additional accounts as well. You must renew access at least once a year or you will need to reauthorize access for the account.

    Parent Access section.

How to see your student's information

Students may authorize anyone with a Directory ID to access their student information. Directory ID's are required to be able to access the information. If you do not have a Directory ID, you may create an Associate Account using your personal email address. The full email address will be your Directory ID after creating an Associate Account. Then your student must authorize you to view their account.

  1. Login by navigating to the Office of the Registrar Parents section and clicking on any of the Access Your Student Info links.
    Log into Parent and Family members, then access student information links
  2. Login with your Associate Account or Directory Account credentials. If you do not have an Associate Account, and are not an Affiliate with the University, create an Associate Account.  
    Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page
  3. If you have not been granted access, or your access has expired, a window will open letting you know you do not have access.
    Your student must grant you access
  4. If you have been granted access by multiple students, you should choose a specific student after you log in.

    Select which student you want to view