Participate in a Peer Review Assignment

Participating in a Peer Review assignment in ELMS-Canvas

Detailed instructions are available in the Canvas guide titled How do I submit a peer review to an assignment?

  1. Submit an assignment, according to the requirements provided by your instructor, by the assignment due date.
  2. Access one or more assignment submissions posted by your peers and provide annotated comments using the DocViewer, complete an evaluation rubric (provided by your instructor), or both.
  3. To Finalize and submit your feedback you must also type a few words in the comments field that sits adjacent to the DocViewer window.
    • Peer review submissions become available after the assignment due date.
    • Instructors usually provide a timeframe within which peer reviews must be posted.

Download a PDF of the annotated copy of your own peer-reviewed submission

  1. Go to the assignment via either the Assignment or Grades link.
  2. Click on the Submission Details link associated with the assignment.
  3. Click on the View Feedback link.
  4. Click on the Download Annotated PDF icon in the DocViewer toolbar.