Prepare Your ELMS-Canvas Gradebook to Upload Scores to UMEG

Part one of the three-step process for submitting mid-term and final grades from ELMS-Canvas to UMEG includes managing the ELMS-Canvas gradebook.

For more information, view Use the ELMS Management Tool to Set a Grade Scheme and Export Grades to UMEG for steps two and three.

  1. Log into ELMS-Canvas and access the gradebook for your course
  2. Post Grades for hidden grades. Any assignment with hidden grades is indicated by the Visibility icon (eyeball-with-a-slash). If scores are left hidden, they will NOT be factored into final scores in the EMT.
    • If you want hidden assignment scores to be factored into final scores, you need to release grades to your students by hovering over the assignment column header and then clicking the 3 stacked dots.
    • Select Post grades from the drop-down menu. (All students are automatically notified of their new/edited grade.)Post Grades for hidden grades.

      Visibility icon in the top left
  3. Check assignment columns for ungraded cells. If you want ungraded cells to be factored as scores that migrate to EMT, they must contain values.
    • You can either click on an individual cell and manually enter a score, Or
    • Use the Set Default Grade feature to enter grades for ungraded cells in individual gradebook assignment columns.
      • To set a default score (for example, "0"), move your cursor over the column title and click the 3 stacked dots on the right.
      • Select Set Default Grade.
        dropdown menu has set default grade as fourth down
      • Enter one score for all students who have missed this assignment, for example a zero score.
      • Click the Set Default Grade button to save the change.
        set default grade

NOTE: Do not check the Overwrite already-entered grades option unless that is your intention.