Use Outcomes and Rubrics in ELMS-Canvas Assignments for Instructors

Learning outcomes refer to what a student is expected to achieve or do (competencies) at the completion of an assignment or a course. Outcomes in ELMS-Canvas enable faculty and administrators to track mastery in a course. Outcomes can be set at a course level as well as the college or department level (the account or subaccount level).

Account and subaccount level settings can only be managed by a system administrator. If departments or colleges need to track outcome data, the outcomes need to be set up at the account or subaccount level.

Assessments and assignments can be aligned to learning outcomes via rubrics. Rubrics are used to collect data for tracking outcomes.

There are four steps to the outcome building process: 

To learn how to navigate the outcome building process and employ rubrics, download the Outcomes and Rubrics in ELMS Guide.pdf in the Attachments section below.