Take a Test or Quiz in ELMS-Canvas for Students

  1. To access a quiz, log into elms.umd.edu.
  2. Select your course via the Courses link in the global navigation menu or from the user dashboard.
  3. Within the course space, select Quizzes from along the left-hand navigation menu.
    Move to the course space and select Quizzes
  4. Select the quiz you wish to take.
    Select the quiz
  5. Click on the Take the Quiz button to start the quiz.
    Click Take the Quiz button
  6. Complete the quiz as instructed for each question type.
    Complete the quiz
  7. You can keep track of which questions you have completed and how much time remains on the quiz attempt in the Questions status box to the right of the quiz area.
    Keep track of your questions
  8. When completing a fill-in-the-blank question, pay special attention to spelling; correct answers spelled incorrectly may be marked incorrect by the automated grading.
    fill-in-the-blank questions
  9. Click on the grey Submit button at the bottom of the page to complete and submit the quiz.
    Submit Quiz
  10. The graded quiz will show under Grades.

Your instructor has the option of showing student answers and/or correct answers. This information may also be released within the quiz after the quiz due date has passed.

Best Practice for safe quiz taking: Opening multiple browsers, windows and tabs when taking an ELMS quiz can result in closing the quiz down. This could preclude your successful completion of the quiz. Do not "multi-task" while taking the quiz.