Importing and Exporting Data to and from Gmail, Calendar and Contacts

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NOTE: University personnel are prohibited from transferring, forwarding or sending UMD business email to or from a TERPmail or personal email account. For more information, read IT Standard Institutional Email (IT-14) and Changes to Email Forwarding in 2021 in the IT Library.


Moving small amounts of email

If you only need to move a small amount of personal email, simply forward the individual email to your desired account.

Moving large amounts of email

The following articles provide instructions for other recommended ways to move larger amounts of mail or other data:

It is possible that some messages will not migrate due to technical difficulties, corruption, or compatibility issues. For this reason, we encourage you to create an archive of your current email account and keep this archive somewhere safe, such as in your UMD Drive account.

Get help moving your email

Can't find the instructions you need? Found instructions, but still need help? Report your issue to Service Desk for help.