Manage a Room Resource Using UMD Google Calendar

Set up a room resource

When Room Resources are set with a permissions level of See All Details, anyone can book the resource if it is available (unbooked). In some cases, you may wish to authorize a resource manager to approve or deny booking requests. A resource manager must be an owner the Room Resource that is to be managed. As an owner, follow the steps listed below to learn how to remove automated booking and alter the booking process for the resource.

  1. Navigate to your Google Calendar.
  2. Locate the Room Resource you wish to manage under My Calendars.
    NOTE: If you have hidden the calendar from you list, you will need to unhide the calendar via your Calendar Settings page.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow and choose Settings and Sharing.
    Drop down menu from calendar. Includes: Display this only, Hide from list and Settings and Sharing
  4. Go to the Auto-accept invitations section and select Auto-accept invitations that do not conflict. Click Save at the top of the screen.
    Calendar settings
  5. Go to the Other notifications section. Set the selections for New Events and Changed events to Email
    Illustration for Other Notifications in Google Calendar

Accept or decline booking requests

Once a room is set up as a managed Room Resource, you can accept or decline bookings on behalf of the Room Resource. To accept or decline booking requests, you can either: