Request a UMD Google Calendar Room Resource

Google Calendar allows you to create a special type of calendar called a calendar resource. Calendar resources can be used for shared resources like meeting rooms and equipment (such as departmental projectors, document cameras and so on). 

Anyone with a University of Maryland Gmail account may request a new Calendar room resource.

  1. In a browser, go to SIMS.
    • Select google from the drop-down box next to System.
    • Click Request under Identity Class next to Google Calendar Room Resource.

  2. You must provide four pieces of required information.
    • Building.
    • Room Number.
    • Description.
    • Department
      NOTE: Directory ID is automatically populated, based on the Building and Room Number. The Directory ID is the Building abbreviation and room number combined--in this example, it is CSS2400. The ID is listed as available, because it does not exist anywhere else in the system.
      Completed Google Calendar Resource request form
  3. If you would like anyone else to be an administrator of this resource, you may provide their Directory ID in the Additional Owners section.
  4. Click Submit Create Request. You will receive an email confirmation that your request has been submitted. It can take approximately five business days for your request to be processed.
    Confirmation of request
  5. To check the status of the request, click on the Request ID. The state will be either needs approval or complete.

  6. Once the resource has been created, you may Renew, Rename, Modify or Delete the Google Calendar from the main SIMS page.

Find more documentation on using and managing Google Calendar.