Request and Manage UMD Google Service Accounts

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University of Maryland (UMD) Google Service Accounts are password-protected Google email accounts that allow receiving mail via IMAP or POP, and sending mail via SMTP. These accounts will not work using a web browser login and the password should not be distributed.

Google Service Accounts are not appropriate for sending over 10,000 emails per day, and are restricted to sending email as a Google User or Google Group. They cannot send email as invalid addresses like “”. For sending mass-email Contact Strategic Communications and consider using Maestro, contact the Service Desk for additional information.

Request a service account

  1. Visit the Google Workspace for Education service offering in the Service Catalog.
  2. On the right side menu, click Submit Google Apps Service Account.
    • The Google Apps Service Account request form will open.
  3. In the Notes/Comments box, enter the name of the account. This will be the account's email address. The name must meet be less than 18 alpha-numeric characters and dashes. Google Workspace for Education administrators will contact you if the ID is unavailable or does not meet the naming criteria.
  4. Click Request Now.
  5. You will receive notifications from Special Identity Management System (SIMS) and the IT Support when the request has been fulfilled. 


Manage the service account password

After the account is created, you can manage the password in SIMS. You will see the account listed and a Reset Password button.

To reset the password:

  1. Click Reset Password.
  2. The password will be displayed. This is the only time you will be able to view the password. If you forget it, you will need to reset it again.


Configure IMAP or POP access to the account

Service Accounts are normal email accounts and can be configured using regular Gmail IMAP and POP settings. For more information, read Check Gmail through other email platforms


Configure SMTP access to the account

Service Accounts can be configured using the Google Workspace SMTP relay. For more information, read Send email from a printer, scanner, or app (section "Use SMTP relay service").



587 (recommended), 465, 25




(Service Account Username)


(Service Account Password)


Any valid Google User or Group