Sponsored UMD Google Accounts for Student Employees

Table of Contents

How can I request a student-sponsored account?

Complete and submit the Sponsored Student Accounts-UMD Gmail request form


When should I request a student-sponsored account?

Graduate students receive UMD Google accounts automatically. The UMD Google Account will be terminated a year after the student is no longer registered for classes or has Graduated. Graduate students also receive a Terpmail for personal use. They will keep access to the Terpmail for life after they graduate as long as they were awarded a degree.

NOTE: Mail forwarding is set to the newly sponsored account. The student may need to update notifications in ELMS to ensure course communications are delivered to their TERPmail email. Otherwise, it will go to their sponsored staff email account.


How do I remove student sponsorship?

If the students are no longer employed, sponsors should make a request to the Service Desk to remove the sponsorship flag and update the mail forward correctly. Their email address will automatically be set back to DirectoryID@terpmail.umd.edu.

  1. Visit the Sponsored Account Management page.
  2. Select the Active Accounts tab.
  3. Find the row with the account to be decommissioned and select Cancel Account.