Schedule an Event Using the Find a Time Feature in Google Calendar

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Once other guests have shared their Google Calendar with you, you can use the Find a time feature to schedule an event at a time that works for everyone. You can compare up to 20 schedules at one time. 

The Find a time feature is only available while using a computer, not the Google Calendar app. Also, the Find a time feature only shows calendar entries for co-workers and users that are already on UMD Google Apps.  

Schedule an event using the Find a Time feature

  1. Open Google Calendar by going to your UMD Gmail account then select the Google Apps icon (at the top right). Click on the Calendar icon. You can also go directly to the Calendar by going to
  2. Create a New event.
  3. To invite people to the event you can do one of three things: 
    • enter the person's name,
    • enter the person's University Directory ID, or
    • enter the person's email address in the Add Guests box.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click the Find a time tab. The Find a time tab will open. If the other guests' calendars are shared with you, you will be able to see their schedules once the Find a time tab opens.
  6. Click Refresh All to see the most recent version of the guests' calendars. Use the arrows at the top to navigate between days to find a time that is convenient for all parties to meet.

    Navigation arrows

  7. Once you have found a time, click the time block within the calendar grid. The time will update at the top of the page. Click Save.

    Find time click save

  8. All-day events: All-day events are shown at the top of the calendar grid. If a guest has an all-day event, they will appear available in the Find a time tab unless their event is set to show as Busy. To schedule an all-day event, click the Week button and then click the area at the top of a day column.


Use the Find a Time feature with rooms

  1. Open Google Calendar. Create a New event.
  2. To add a room that you wish to hold the event in, enter the (i.e. in the Add Guests box and click Add.

    Add a meeting room

  3. Click on the Find a Time tab. The room's schedule will be now be included in the times. You can choose an available time and click on it. The time will immediately be updated at the top of the event. Click Save.

    Make appointment with room