University of Maryland Departmental Computer Labs for Windows Computers

This document introduces you to using Windows workstations in the University of Maryland departmental computer labs. It covers basic concepts and a few more advanced features on the Windows workstations.

What is a Windows workstation?

Windows workstations can be used to run software stored on the hard drive. They connect to the Internet via a high-speed Ethernet connection.

NOTE: Access to the computer labs requires a valid university ID card. A valid Directory ID and passphrase are required to log on to the computers. Specific procedures may vary based on the specific computer lab.

What can I do on the Windows workstations?

The workstations in the various on-campus computer labs run software including, but not limited to:

Logging in

When you approach the Windows workstations, simultaneously press the CTRL-Alt-Delete keys to bring up the Logon window. You will need to read the instructions on the monitor then enter your university credentials into the fields. Click the OK icon to begin using the workstation.

Help and information

Windows Help and Support can often be found under the Start menu. Most software programs also have their own help options under the Help selection. It is the first place to look for help in any application you're using.

Connecting to a host computer

To connect to a host computer, such as TerpConnect, you will need to use either PuTTY for your SSH needs or WinSCP for transferring files via secure FTP.

Finishing your work

Log out appropriately for each version of Windows:

Save any files to a safe cloud storage utility or external storage media before logging off. Files on lab computers are often temporary and may be deleted when you log off of the computer.