Overview of the Cisco Conference Phone

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What can you do with the Cisco Conference Phone

The Cisco Conference Phone can be used to place calls and participate in conference calls. To learn how to place calls and participate in conference calls, follow the steps listed below:

Place a Call

Dial the phone number exactly as you would dial from your desk phone, including dialing 9 before calling an off-campus number. Once entered, press the Call button to place the call.

End a Call

Press the Call Button while on an active call or select End Call from the softkey menu,

Answer a Call

To answer a call, press the Call button, or select Answer from the soft key menu. If you already have an active call and select Answer, your current call will be automatically placed on hold.

Start a Conference Call

Begin with the first participant on an active call, not on hold.

1. Press the Conf soft key
2. Enter the phone number for the party you wish to add.
3. After the new party answers, press Conf again and the conference begins.
4. Repeat the above steps to add additional parties.

View Conference Participants

While in a conference, press the ConfList softkey to view up to 16 participants who have joined the conference. You may scroll through the list and use the Remove softkey to drop a single participant from the conference call.

Cisco Conference Phone Map

The map below provides a guide to the Cisco Conference Phone and its features.

Cisco Conference phone layout. Described by table below. 




Phone Screen

LCD screen that displays phone menus and features.



Four programmable keys


Navigate / Select

2-way navigation bar and select key to scroll and select from menus.


Call button

Press this key to go off hook, answer an incoming call, obtain dial tone to initiate a call, resume a call, or release a call.



Dial phone numbers and enter letters.


Mute button

Toggles mute features.



Raise or lower the volume of speaker.