Administrator's Guide to Casper Apple Device Management Suite

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This guide is intended for Apple Device Management (ADM) administrators or site administrators of the ADM service using the Casper Suite from JAMF Software. It provides guidelines for the intended use of the Casper Suite used for the ADM service, and it does not serve as a complete reference guide to the Casper Suite. 

View the complete Casper Suite Administrator's Guide by JAMF Software for more information.

JAMF Software Server (JSS)

The JAMF Software Server (JSS) address for the university's ADM service is Users must use their university Directory ID and password to log into the JSS for the ADM service.


ADM site administrator's access to Casper admin

Site administrators should email Top to be granted access to the Casper Admin application. Once given access to Casper Admin, Site administrators will be able to download the most current version of the Casper Suite through Box.


Guidelines for using Casper admin

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of users that can be logged in to the JSS simultaneously. Multiple simultaneous logins to the JSS will not compromise the integrity of the JSS database.


Guidelines for naming and uploading packages in Casper admin

This information screen is where you choose a category.


Guidelines for creating and naming configurations in Casper admin

The sample Mavericks parent and child folder arrangement.

NOTE: In the example above, there is one standard parent configuration, named "Mavericks" and a smart child configuration called "Mavericks Common Software".  Site administrators with Casper Admin access should create a smart configuration for their site under the Mavericks Common Software configuration.  That smart configuration will act as a container for all of their configurations.


Guidelines for adjusting JSS features and/or settings 

A number of JSS settings are uniform for all users.  While this may compromise the needs of some users, the goal of the uniform settings is to maintain a consistency that ensures optimal operations.  If there are any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding JSS settings, contact the ADM administrators through the ADM mailing list at


Support for Casper Suite technical issues

For support with ADM service issues, contact the ADM administrators through the ADM mailing list at This mailing list is designed to not only connect site administrators to support but to serve as a resource for all site administrators the University. 

Additionally, questions about the Casper Suite and the JSS can be posted on JAMF Software's global social community of Casper Suite users, JAMF Nation, at