Set an MVS Password After a Reset for um3270

1. From the home page, click on the Access um3270 link.

2. Upon a successful login, the 3270 screen will be displayed. Initially, you are disconnected from the mainframe.

3. Click on the Connect button to begin the mainframe login.

Mainframe login

3. At the ACC screen enter the letter A (in upper or lowercase) to get to MVS/CICS Production Login Screen.

Login screen

4.The cursor will be positioned in the USERID: field. Enter the UserID, press the Tab key. For the password, enter the first eight digits of the account owner's Social Security Number. Press Enter.


5. The CHANGE PASSWORD screen will appear. The new password must be between five and eight alphanumeric characters and cannot be the same as any of the last five passwords used on the account. Enter the new password at the first New Password prompt, press TAB if the cursor does not automatically jump to the second prompt. Enter the new password again and then press Enter.

Change password screen

6. You will be returned to the CICS Production Main Menu. Look for the message at the bottom of the screen that reminds you the password will expire in 180 days.

Main Menu